Project 5-100 participants demonstrate a steady growth in the Webometrics Ranking

The end of July 2017 saw the publication of another Webometrics Ranking of World Universities by the authoritative Spanish research group Cybermetrics Lab. This international ranking assesses both university websites and the presence of universities themselves in the Internet space by a number of parameters.
Like a year ago, the top-1000 of the published ranking includes six universities – Project 5-100 participants. Novosibirsk State University (NSU), which ranks 555th, became the best university of the Project. It is followed by the Higher School of Economics (HSE), ranking 760th. The National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” ranks 809th. The ITMO University, ranking 831rd, is not very far behind. Finally, Tomsk State University (TSU) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) rank 855th and 887th, respectively.

Most of the universities – Project 5-100 participants showed a steady growth in comparison with last July. Thus, NSU rose immediately by 131 position. TSU rose by 103 positions. MEPhI showed a growth by 51 position. ITMO University improved its performance by 33 positions. Samara University (+751 position) and Far Eastern Federal University (+580 positions) showed a maximum growth in the ranking over the past year.

If we consider the indicators of the last Webometrics ranking publication of last January, then about half of the universities – Project 5-100 participants have improved their positions to some extent. The highest growth in the ranking over the last six months was noted at South Ural State University (+474 positions), Sechenov University (+303 positions) and Far Eastern Federal University (+127 positions).

It should be noted that the number of Project 5-100 participants, which are also included in the top1000 of the Webometrics ranking, is steadily growing. While in July 2015, the top-1000 included only three winning universities and in January 2016, it included four, the number reached six in July 2016 – July 2017. Lomonosov Moscow State University, which ranked 215th, and St. Petersburg State University, ranking 482nd, became the best in Russia. The Webometrics ranking is published twice a year, at the end of January and the end of July. A total of 25,000 universities worldwide are ranked. The ranking is always published for 12,000 universities. Its methodology is based on four indicators with different weights: popularity – the number of links from external resources; presence – the number of web pages indexed by Google; excellence – the citing of scientific publications based on the analytical data of the SCImago research group; openness or transparency – an indicator that uses information from university profiles on Google Scholar citations.