Milan: Fashion for Health

Milan: Fashion for Health
June 23, 2017
SalusGate invites foreign guests to visit the best clinics of Milan for a medical check-up and combine it with leisure time in the fashion capital of the world. Healthcare has never been so pleasant!
According to Bloomberg Global Health System 2017 Italians are one of the healthiest people on earth, with an average lifespan of 84 years.  Their secret is quite simple: a healthy diet and an excellent healthcare system, based mainly on prevention. So, no wonder that Italy has now become one of the most sought-after destinations if you care about your health.

We went scouting for “real people” wanting to share their experience, the destination they preferred, how they went about choosing the right Tourism Facilitator and how they lived their experience. 

We met two fascinating English ladies who decided to travel together, since they are friends, and chose a full check-up programme in the city of Milan.  Felicity Clarke, an established, estimated and well known artist, and Priscilla Blundell-Kinnear, an entrepreneur running a very successful and demanding business.

– Priscilla and Felicity, what made you decide to go for a complete check-up, how did you choose your destination and how did you go about selecting the Medical Tourism Facilitator?
– We feel strongly about our quality of life and that of our families, and good health is essential to our lifestyle and to what we do.  We decided that it was time for a complete checkup but did not want to do this in the UK. We wanted to do it in a more pleasurable way and have a little break at the same time, but had little time at our disposal.  We both love art, culture, luxury and good food, so it made sense to look for a Tourism Facilitator in Italy. Surfing the web, we came across SalusGate (  We contacted them and explained our requests, within a very short time they came back with a fully organized package.

– Felicity, tell us about your experience, starting from the beginning.
– All our travel itinerary was planned and booked by Deborah Fiona Duncan – SalusGate Facilitator Manager ( She followed us throughout the entire experience.  Not only was our Health Prevention Package drawn to perfection, also all the leisure aspects were planned, from private transport to fully guided tours and of course the best places in Milan for food and hospitality.  

– Priscilla, can you describe your day at the checkup clinic?
– Felicity and I opted for the full SalusGate Prevention Package.  We were driven to a very modern and state-of-the art structure. Upon arrival  we were warmly welcomed and asked to change into comfortable clothes, all supplied by the clinic. Lockers were provided for our personal belongings.  Our weight and height was taken and then our consultants, who spoke good English, took us in charge and began with a series of questions regarding our health and area of diagnosis.

– Were any of you particularly uncomfortable about any examinations? Felicity what can you tell us?
– I must admit that the mammogram caused me some concern.  It was the first time ever in my life and I was a bit scared.  My consultant turned out to be very kind, competitive and experienced. I soon felt at ease and was able to undergo the examination in a very relaxed manner.

– What other check-ups were included in the package?
– Our visit continued with ear, nose and full gynecology assessment, a dedicated hostess was at hand at all times to make sure that every step was processed efficiently.

 – Felicity can you tell us what happened after your full health checkup was ended?
 – All our examinations were over by about 5 pm and our leisure time could finally begin.  First, we were taken to the Terrazza Aperol, in Piazza Duomo, the view was magnificent, the sun was setting and the sight was breathtaking.  We had a classic Milan aperitif, this was a perfect way to decompress and relax before being taken to dinner.

– Priscilla, your business in the UK is related to the food industry, thus it is only natural to ask you about the gastronomic aspect of this trip. Did it meet your expectations?
– Well, the food was absolutely superb and the restaurant chosen by SalusGate was undeniably awesome looking out over the Duomo Cathedral.  I just soaked up the evening atmosphere of Milan in this picture-perfect location where the mood was of complete conviviality and luxury.

– Felicity, you are the artist of the two, can you tell us about your cultural experience in Milan?
– It was amazing.  SalusGate organised a “Milan Walking Tour” which was superb. First stop the Milan Duomo and our personal guide made the whole experience fascinating.  The final stop to view Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper at the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie was exquisite. Our final hours spent strolling through the fashion district left as wanting. 

– Have you any regrets or negative impressions from this experience?
– We travelled in March and the weather was not so good and Milan has so much to offer that we longed to stay a little more. We wished we had a little more time, but our excellent and efficient private transfers were ready to take us back to our perfect hotel to pack our bags and rush us to the airport for our flight back home. 

– One last question, can you give us your overall impression?
– An exceptional Medical Tour from SalusGate. We feel happier knowing that we are healthy and fit and we were also able to have such a wonderful break in Milan, such a beautiful city. Thank you! 

SalusGate is a dynamic, innovative and highly specialized company which ranks as one of the first Italian operators in the Medical Tourism industry.  They are specialized in Health Prevention Packages and offer a unique Taylor Made medical approach focused specifically on the treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders, State-of-the Art Spinal Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Joint Replacement and Sports Traumatology. The client is central to SalusGate, being given the opportunity to completely customize his medical package. 

For further information and details contact:
Irina Burlakova 
Deborah Fiona Duncan